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May is National Egg Month and what better time to try out innovative recipes using eggs! Did you know that a single egg contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals and is only 70 calories? [1] They are protein-packed with iron, calcium, and contain every vitamin except vitamin C. [2] Eggs are a versatile food that can be cooked in so many different ways; just explore these easy meal hacks from Vital Farms! Plus, here are a few other fun eggs facts you may not know about them:

  • Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza from Land O'LakesIt takes only 23-26 hours for a chicken to produce an egg! Just a half hour after she lays an egg, the whole process starts over.
  • Eggs are naturally gluten-free. [3]
  • An egg that floats in water is older than an egg that doesn’t float, but it is still safe to eat! This occurs when air cells within the egg grow larger, causing it to float. [2]
  • gourmet breakfast toast with poached eggsThe color of a hen’s earlobe will be the same color as the egg she lays. [4]
  • The chances of getting a double yolk egg is about one in every one thousand eggs!
  • You can use empty eggshells as a fertilizer, natural pest repellant and for composting. [1]

Now it’s time to explore some delicious egg recipes for all hours of the day:

Breakfast Bites You’ll Love


Savory Egg Sandwiches


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner


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