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How to Air Fry Frozen Pierogies

Air frying pierogies make them soft inside with a crunchy-chewy dough on the outside.


  1. Preheat your air fryer to 400°F.
  2. Place frozen pierogies on a baking sheet or plate.
  3. Using an oil with a high smoke point (such as avocado oil, peanut oil, or vegetable oil),  generously baste each pierogi on both sides.
  4. Place pierogies in a single layer in the air-fryer basket and set the cooking time for 10-11 minutes. Leave ample room between each pierogi for best results.
  5. About halfway through the cooking time, flip over the pierogies.
  6. Depending on your air fryer model, you may need to adjust the cooking temperature or cook time for best results.
  7. When finished, pierogies should puff up slightly and have a nice golden brown color.
  8. Serve at once with your favorite toppings or dips.

Air-fried Pierogies – 4 Ways

The All-American

Using Mrs. T’s American Cheese Pierogies
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The Mediterranean

Using Mrs. T’s Feta and Spinach Pierogies
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The Mexicali

Using Mrs. T’s Classic Cheddar Pierogies
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The French Dip

Using Mrs. T’s Classic Onion Pierogies
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