New Year, New You

January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays have subsided, New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. In fact, nearly half of Americans are expected to make a resolution, with most vowing to lose weight[1]. Last year, only 59 percent of people kept to their resolutions, even lower from the previous year’s 72 percent[1]. If mindful meal planning is on your agenda, we are here to help with solutions, tips and food ideas to successfully usher you into 2015.

A few ways to start the year off light[2]:

  • Spice things up: Try eating one meal a day that contains some kind of spice—from red pepper, chills to hot sauce—all help boost flavor and satisfaction.
  • Don’t ditch breakfast: Waking up with protein and high-fiber foods can go a long way.
  • Accept mindful snacks: Squeezing in three nutritious meals a day may be difficult to plan for every day, but mindful snacking can help relieve cravings.String Cheese
    • When craving a nibble in the middle of the afternoon, grab Organic Valley Stringles that are perfect for children, but just as nutritious and delicious for adults.
  • Check the freezer aisle for produce: You can find flash-frozen fruits and veggies that are harvested at the peak of ripeness.
    • Blueberries are full of antioxidants, so grab a frozen bag from Dole that are always in season.

Tips for making a new year’s resolution you will actually keep[3]:

  • Set a goal that is measurable: Be specific and set interim milestones to gauge progress instead of setting a single goal far in the future.
  • Celebrate small victories: In order to have better retention, celebrate all of the small victories.
  • Don’t obsess over your weight: Take the focus away from the scale and concentrate on the things that will help you reach your goal weight.
  • Do it for you: Choose resolutions for you and if it’s not something you find significant, don’t’ do it.

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Let us know in the comments below!



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