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Spending more time at home also means more eating at home… And that equals way more cooking than usual! Whether your favorite ethnic restaurant is closed or you’re trying to up the ante with your meal planning, the frozen food and dairy aisles are stocked with ingredients and products from across the globe. That means you can travel the world without ever needing to leave your home! From Mexican food to Thai, we’ve rounded up appetizers, entrees and desserts spanning several international cuisines.

Mexico/Latin America

Get the fiesta started with these snacks and dips:

Fire up your taste buds with these lunches and dinners:

End your fiesta on a sweet note with these desserts:


Tantalize your palate with these appetizers:

Who needs a Thai restaurant when you can enjoy these meals at home:


Hold your family over until dinner with these Italian appetizers:

Delight your family with these Italian recipes and frozen entrees:

You’ll definitely want to save room for these classic Italian treats:


There’s no need to make these Chinese appetizers from scratch:

Whether you need a single-serving meal or family-sized entrees, the frozen food aisle has you covered:

Think beyond the fortune cookie with these sweets:


You definitely don’t want to miss out on these flavorful Indian starters:

You won’t miss ordering Indian food carry-out with these entrees:

What international cuisine will you try first? Share with us on social media @EasyHomeMeals and use the hashtag #AtHomeEasyMeals.