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Not only is it Frozen Food Month, March 6 signifies National Frozen Food Day. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan dedicated an entire day to the American frozen food industry’s accomplishments after celebrating its 54th year of service. Thirty six years later, and there’s even more to celebrate in the frozen food aisle!

According to National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association’s 2019 State of the Industry, the frozen department showed two years of back-to-back growth with sales of $54.6 billion, delivering $918 million in growth. The top-five selling categories were ice cream, pizza, seafood, ice cream novelties and complete meals. Studies show more than 80 percent of homes have ice cream and vegetables in their freezers right now. The frozen food section’s growth can primarily be attributed to innovative products aligning with consumers’ demands for organic, plant-based, gluten-free, high protein, etc.[1] Today’s frozen food aisles truly offer something for everyone no matter your lifestyle or dietary need.

The frozen food aisle delivers!

Hot Breakfasts



Satisfying Snacks



Plant-Based Options



If you haven’t been in the frozen food aisle lately – today and all month long is a great time to go and discover all that’s new, and see for yourself why it has become a popular destination for today’s shoppers.

Here are the top four reasons why you should buy frozen foods:

1. Frozen foods maintain optimal freshness – flash-freezing technology delivers “perfect preservation,” freezing at the peak of freshness and maintaining flavor and nutritional value.
2. Frozen foods are part of the food waste solution – they allow you to use only what you need, and put the rest back in the freezer. You have a longer shelf life, portion control, less food waste and you save money.
3. Frozen foods require little or no preparation – the picking, cleaning, slicing and dicing are already done. And your favorite produce is always in season.
4. Today’s frozen foods have been developed and prepared by expert chefs in test kitchens across the country – using real ingredients and are rigorously evaluated by nutritionists and dietitians.


What are you waiting for? Head to your supermarket’s frozen food section and see for yourself. Happy Frozen Food Day!