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Meatballs have much more potential than just spaghetti and meatballs – not that the classic dish isn’t delicious! This National Meatball Day – which happens to fall during March Frozen Food Month – we encourage you to visit the frozen food aisles and explore the tasty products that can be used for incredible home-cooked meals. From traditional flavors to innovative ethic entrees, there’s a recipe for everyone!

9 Meatball Meals

close up image of half of a skillet filled with swedish meatballs

Four stuffed peppers in a blue casserole dish

Don’t eat meat? Try Cutting Vedge’s Veggie Forward Meatballs or Gardein’s Plant-Based Meatballs as a meat-free substitution! We also love meatballs from Rosina, Celentano, Simek’sFarm Rich and Armanino Foods who all offer any flavor you can imagine.

With so many flavorful options available – what are your favorite meatball recipes to enjoy? Share with us on social @EasyHomeMeals!