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National Salad Month is here! The month of May is the perfect start to gather salad recipes to enjoy a lighter meal in the warm weather coming. National Salad Month was created to encourage people to incorporate more healthy habits into their daily lives [1]. With Romaine lettuce being the most nutritious, lettuce is a great source for Vitamin A, Vitamin K, folate, and has very few calories [2]. No on said being healthy had to boring though! There are tons of ways you can dazzle up your salad. We put together a go-to list for all your flavor needs!

Flavorful Fruit Salads

Close up image of a white rectangular dish with red edges sitting next to a fork and spoon and filled with seperated lines of spinach, blueberries, walnuts, feta, avocado, and wild rice.

Blueberry-Spinach Salad

Close up shot of a salad with lettuce, strawberries, almonds, mandarin oranges and red onions all sitting on a white circular plate

Strawberry-Chicken Salad

Meat Lovers Salads

Close up shot on a White Bowl Filled with salad topped with chicken and surrounded by 5 bowls filled with various salad ingredients

Grilled Chicken Salad with Gochujang Honey Dressing

Close up of grilled shrimp caesar salad on a white plate

Grilled Shrimp-Caesar Salad

Grilled Steak, corn, tomatoes, avocados, and blue cheese in a white bowl sitting next to tomatoes on the vine on the right and a cup of ranch on the left

Grilled Summer Steak Salad

Vegan Salads

Close up shot of a white bowl filled with Kale Apple Cheddar Salad with an out of focus plate of shredded cheddar cheese in the background

Kale Apple Cheddar Salad

Close up overhead photo of a yellow bowl filled with rainbow chopped cashew salad

Rainbow Chopped Cashew Salad

Happy National Salad Month! We will be using these recipes all summer long. Share with us your go-to salad recipe on social media @EasyHomeMeals.