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October is more than just the month of Halloween, it’s also National Vegetarian Month! Whether you’re trying to eat more meatless frozen meals or you’re full-blown vegetarian, the frozen food section has more vegetarian options than you may think. From family-size and individual frozen tv dinners to plant-based proteins and ethnic cuisines, there are plenty of frozen vegetarian meal options in the freezer aisle.

Tasty Frozen Vegetarian Meals and Recipe Ideas

Whether you’re new to vegetarianism or just looking for easier meatless meal ideas, we’ve compiled 18 frozen plant-based meals you’ll love:

Easy Frozen Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

Quick-Serve Plant-Based Lunches

Simple Yet Savory Frozen Veggie Pasta Dishes

Quick and Easy Frozen Family Meals the Kids Will Love

More Frozen Vegetarian Cuisines from Around the World

  • Tantalize your taste buds with this Cauliflower Curry — it’s all heat with no meat!
  • We can’t be the only ones that have been drooling over those mouthwatering Birria Tacos seen all over social media. Try our Vegetarian Birria Taco recipe using Vegetable Chorizo Crumbles!
  • Craving Asian cuisine? Heat up this Chinese-Style Vegetable Fried Rice for the main event or as a savory side dish.
  • Made with organic corn and tomatoes and covered in a tasty, traditional enchilada sauce, these Cheese Enchiladas are gluten-free and oh-so yummy.

What frozen vegetarian meals have you tried? Share with @easyhomemeals on social media and follow us for more easy recipe ideas and cooking tips and tricks.