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Most know February 2 as Groundhog Day, where we find out if the groundhog sees its shadow for a longer winter – but it is also National Tater Tot Day! These tasty tots are best enjoyed as a savory treat or even as a whole meal in itself.

Did you know that they were created from reducing food waste? Ore-Ida’s French fries left scraps behind when cut down from its original potato shape, so entrepreneur F. Nephi Grigg invented new machinery to smush the potato scraps into the familiar to shape and freeze them. Travelling from Oregon to Florida, Grigg took his invention to the 1954 National Potato Convention to share with chefs and potato connoisseurs, and the rest is history! [1] Tater tots have come quite a long from the economical mid-century children’s snack, to the versatile food that are so popular in restaurants and kitchens today. Explore these innovative ideas to celebrate the true holiday of today!

Breakfast Taters

The Star of the Show

Classic Tots


  • Make a meal around Potato Puffs by adding your favorite toppings or sauces!
  • Tots are pretty amazing as-is, but these Mini Tater Tots are even more fun!
  • These Crispy Sweet Potato Puffs are bring the crispiness of tots together with the sweetness of sweet potatoes.
  • You certainly can’t go wrong with classic Super Crispy Tots, made with 100% certified Idaho Potatoes!

Not Just Potatoes

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