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As if you needed any persuasion to enjoy a gooey s’more, it’s National S’mores Day! This hand-held treat combines graham cracker + chocolate + marshmallow, and originated around a campfire. In fact, the Girl Scouts are accredited for the first s’mores concoction printed in their 1927 guidebook. Girl Scout leader Loretta Scott Crew shared this treat recipe that fed 16 girl scouts, and at the end of the directions says, “…Viola, you got a ‘Some More’.” No one knows for sure when the name was shortened to “s’more,” but several Girl Scout publications continued to refer to it as “Some More” until at least 1971[1].

While everyone loves the classic s’more, have you tried these fun twists?

-Graham cracker + marshmallow + chocoalte peanut butter cup
-Graham cracker + marshmallow + strawberry + chocolate bar
-Chocolate graham cracker + marshmallow + dark chocolate bar
-Graham cracker + Nutella spread + marshmallow
-Chocolate graham cracker + peanut butter + banana
-Cinnamon graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate bar
-Graham cracker + marshmallow + caramel topping + sea salt + dark chocolate bar

There’s is s’more to love about these recipes and s’more treats:

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