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Recipe Ingredients

  • 10 jalapeños
  • 10 José Olé chicken taquitos
  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • 3 strips of bacon
  • ½ cup shredded Mexican blend cheese

Recipe Directions

  1. Preheat your oven according to José Olé taquito package instructions.
  2. Prep your Jalapeños by cutting in half lengthwise and removing seeds.
  3. Bake taquitos following José Olé package instructions.
  4. Fry bacon in a pan over medium heat until crispy (or until your liking.)
  5. Once taquitos are finished baking, cut each taquito into bite-sized pieces (so two pieces will fit inside your jalapeño half.) Set aside.
  6. Once cooked, dice the bacon and mix with the cream cheese in a mixing bowl until well combined.
  7. Fill jalapeño halves with the bacon-cream cheese mixture and top with roughly half of your shredded Mexican blend cheese, saving the remaining cheese for later.
  8. Cook the filled jalapeños in an air fryer at 370 degrees for 5 minutes. Remove and place two taquito pieces in each one, then top with the remaining shredded cheese.
  9. Return to air fryer until cheese is melted (about 1-2 minutes.) Serve and enjoy!

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