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Ice Cream Month may be over, but today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. You can never be too young or too old to enjoy a cool ice cream sandwich. Whether you like the classic vanilla ice cream with chocolate wafers or a sandwich that’s a little more unique, there is something so satisfying about an ice cream sandwich. Stock your freezer with this large variety of ice cream sandwiches, or make it an extra sweet celebration by creating your own ice cream sandwiches with these fun recipes.

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes

Pink plate with 3 stacked ice cream sandwiches with pink sprinkles on top

close up shot of smores ice cream sandwich covered with chocolate and shredded white chocolate pieces

Plate with two ice cream sandwiches stacked

ice cream cake on a blue plate with a tray of ice cream cake in the background

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Box of M&Ms Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich against a blue background

single chocolate ice cream bar against a blue background

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