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Recipe Ingredients

  • 10 White Castle® Sliders
  • 1 (10 oz.) can cheddar cheese soup, undiluted
  • 1 (10 oz.) can cream of celery soup, undiluted
  • 1 (2 lb.) bag tater tots, thawed to room temperature
  • 1 bag cheddar cheese, shredded

Recipe Directions

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Grease casserole dish.
  3. Mix soups together and set aside.
  4. Remove bun tops from Sliders and set aside.
  5. Line the bottom of the cooking pan with the bun bottoms and Slider patties.
  6. Add a layer of tater tots.
  7. Spread ½ of soup mixture evenly over top of the tater tots.
  8. Add bun tops and another layer of tater tots.
  9. Add remainder of soup mixture. Spread evenly over tater tots.
  10. Sprinkle 1 cup of shredded cheese on top of casserole.
  11. Cook for 20-30 minutes, or until bubbly and cheese is brown.

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