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Recipe Ingredients

  • Starbucks Unsweetened Iced Coffee
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Caramel Syrup
  • ⅓ cup Heavy Cream, plus additional for taste
  • Sweetener for taste, if desired

To make this Iced Coffee "Freak-Style" you'll need:

  • Whipped Cream
  • Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Chocolate and/or Caramel Donut
  • Cookie Sticks and Wafers
  • Chocolate and Caramel Candies
  • Additional Chocolate and Caramel Syrups
  • Sprinkles

Recipe Directions

  1. Make your delicious Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwich extra fancy. Think sprinkles or a drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce. Once you are done, set it in the freezer on some parchment or wax paper until you are ready to assemble your epic iced coffee.
  2. Get your glass ready with dripping chocolate and caramel syrups on the inside and a little on the outside. Set into the freezer while you continue to prepare your coffee.
  3. To make a frothy cream for your coffee, add 1/3 Cup of Heavy Cream to a high powered blender or stand mixer and turn on high. Beat/blend the cream until it becomes a fluffy froth but BEFORE it turns into whipped cream with peaks. Set in the refrigerator while you continue to prepare your iced coffee treat.
  4. In a separate cup, pour the desired amount of Starbucks Unsweetened Iced Coffee into your glass and start by adding 1 TBSP each of chocolate sauce and caramel sauce and mix. Do a taste test to see if you would like to add more. You may also add extra sweetener here if desired.
  5. Once set to taste, pour the iced coffee blend into your serving glass. Add a small dash of heavy cream to the top but don't mix.
  6. Follow by topping the iced coffee with the desired amount of frothy cream and again, don't mix it.
  7. Start decorating by placing your donut on top of the rim of the glass. Follow by adding your remaining "freak style" toppers including your decorated Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwich, candies, whipped cream and sprinkles. Don't forget a straw!

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