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Dawn Spooky Snack Plates PKG

Serving festive snacks for Halloween doesn’t have to be haunting. Dawn from Cutefetti just served up a super easy BOO-cuterie idea! Give your favorite Totino’s Pizza Rolls & White Castle Sliders a spooky makeover. 


  • Totino’s Pizza Rolls (flavor of choice) – prepared according to package oven directions
  • Provolone cheese slices – cut into small strips (1 slice per 6 pizza rolls)
  • Small candy eyes (2 per pizza roll)
  • Small kebab sticks

Once you remove your desired amount of Totino’s from the oven, immediately place 3-4 cheese strips onto each pizza roll. Let sit for 5 minutes. If cheese has melted enough to wrap each “mummy”, add two candy eyes by pressing into the cheese. If cheese needs a little more melting, return your baking sheet to the oven while it is warm but turned off for 30-40 seconds. Do not over melt the cheese will become too translucent. Then, remove from heat and add candy eyes immediately, then add two pizza rolls to kebab sticks.


  • White Castle Sliders (flavor of choice) – prepared according to package directions
  • Mini cucumber slices (2 per slider)
  • Black olive slices (2 per slider)
  • Cheddar cheese cracker slices – (1 per slider)
  • Green Leaf Lettuce (1 Leaf Per Slider)

Once you prepare your White Castle Sliders according to package directions. Under each bun top, place cheese slices for teeth on the bottom and a leaf of green lettuce on the top. Place the bun back on top. Add two mini cucumber slices to the top of the bun and place black olive slices on top of the cucumber slices.


  • Choice of cheese slices
  • Bat-shaped cookie cutter


  • candies, sliced fruits and vegetables

Use a cookie cutter to make cheesy bats out of the cheese slices.

Prepare Spooky Snack Plates

Arrange Totino’s Mummies, Monster Sliders and Cheesy Bats onto a small plate. Serve and enjoy. Add extras like candies, fruits and vegetables to make it your own.