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We’re all about cool food for fall! After almost two months into the school year, moms from across the country share how they have been adjusting to the craziness, as well as their cool, kid-friendly breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.


Stacey | The Soccer Mom Blog

Estacey Chicken Kabobs

“Now THAT is a school lunch!! 🙌 Since the kids are doing school at home, we’ve been enjoying lunch time together as a family. We made these Mini Chicken Kabobs using @eatinnovasian Crispy Honey Chicken, lightly steamed broccoli, and pineapple chunks. They were a BIG hit with the whole family and super easy to make!…”


Tina | Her Life Sparkles

Her Life Sparkles Toaster Strudels

“When you’re a mom, EVERY DAY feels like the busiest day of the week!I make sure to keep the fridge and freezer filled with items like @Pillsbury Toaster Strudels & @jimmydean Simple Scrambles, so it’s easier for them to be independent in their food choices in the morning.…”


Onyi | Sincerely Onyi

Onyi Wild Mikes Pizza

“Picky eaters are taking over my home. Geez! Like you, I’m crazy busy but I’m making enough time to look at the labels when we buy. Frozen food is real food, just frozen. They’re made with real ingredients and chef-inspired recipes, which is refreshing when trying to balance everyone’s preferences. My son loves @WildMikesPizza and I love that it’s made with high quality ingredients and scratch-made crust and sauce…”


Elizabeth | Hello Spoonful

Hello Spoonful Greek Pitas

Easy Greek Pitas stuffed with English cucumber, Campari tomatoes, greens, tzatziki, and a frozen @morningstarfarms black bean burger — I’m officially in heaven 😍… This has been my go-to lunch the last few days and I can’t recommend it enough! Literally takes 5 mins to throw together so it’s perfect for the whole family, and a great way to get your kiddos some plant based protein 😎…”


Meghan | JaMonkey

Jamonkey Launchbox

“…We found these great frozen #CoolFoodForKids like sandwiches from @launchbox that have meat and cheeses in them, and we pair them with @the_official_danimals yogurt smoothies. Whether they want them as a snack between classes, or an easy lunch to grab from the refrigerator, it helps make our chaotic and strange life right now a little less crazy…”


Erin | Dinners Dishes

Dinners Dishes Monkey Bread Daisy Brand

Life is busy! And we are all in need of tasty, wholesome AND convenient meal solutions. And where is a great place to turn for that? The frozen and dairy aisles! They offer a wide variety of meals, snacks and small bites that are super quick and easy to make. Like this @Bridgfordfoods Frozen Monkey Bread and @Daisybrand Cottage Cheese. Top the cottage cheese with fresh fruit, and you have a delicious, fun, and balanced meal that your kids are going to love!…”


Tamara | Tamara Camera Photo

Tamara Launchbox Tyson Danimals

“…With the kids at home, I love to make Chicken English Muffin Pizzas – using @baysmuffins, @TysonBrand Dino Nuggets, @Kraft.naturalcheese, and any red sauce. The kids love these! They also love @LaunchBox frozen sandwich meals – in Poppin’ Pepperoni & Jack and Kickin’ Chicken Cheddar. You just take them out of the freezer in the morning, and pop them in a lunchbox, or serve them by lunchtime…”


Melissa | Mama Gourmand

Mama Gourmand Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats

“…To get in the spirit of Halloween, I told the kids the chia seeds in these PB and Jam Overnight Oats were bat droppings. 🦇 Weirdly, that inspired them to gobble it up even more. 🤷‍♀️⁣ Actually this make-ahead, grab-and-go breakfast recipe is loaded with protein, thanks to @dannon yogurt and bonus @the_official_danimals Smoothies….”


Meagan | A Zesty Bite

Zesty Bite Fish Tacos

Let’s be honest here! Sometimes we look for an easy home meal, whether it’s take-out or a frozen pizza. This past weekend, Shaun was out of town and I decided to make fish tacos using @seapakshrimpco Budweiser Beer Battered Cod and then paired it with a creamy slaw. No frying mess or big clean up. Even the kids loved these tacos. Mom = Win!…”


Charbel | My Latina Table

My Latina Table English Muffin Sandwich

Now that the kids are back in school, I have been trying to come up with some creative and tasty after school snacks for them. The other day I made this delicious sandwich using @baysmuffins, fried egg, avocado, tomato, and basil. I started by toasting the Bay’s English Muffins, and then I added a layer of @lovemyphilly cream cheese spread. I topped it with the other ingredients and it was a hit!…”


Megan | Sunshine and Jetts

Sunshine and Jetts Mummy Dogs

Q: What kind of music do mummies like most? A: Wrap music! 🎶One of our favorite fall recipe is our mummy hot dogs! I love using the Bridgford frozen bread dough (which saves a TON of time). The boys get a kick out of it and it’s so easy to do…”


Debra | Wife Eclectic

Halloween Ice Cream Sandwiches

“…These Halloween ice cream sandwiches are the perfect treat to make with your kids and one of our favorite ways to get in the spooky spirit! I love pulling treats from the frozen and dairy aisles to create really unique foods for my kids…”


We want to see your own creative #CoolFoodForFall ideas. Share with us on social media @EasyHomeMeals.