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Our friends at Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza have taken over our blog in celebration of today…


Did you know today is National Pizza Day? Whether you’re wanting to sink your teeth into a savory, pepperoni pizza or a cheesy perfection, Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza is here to help you celebrate.

Family owned and operated for over 50 years, Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza has been dedicated to creating pizzeria-style pizzas with no artificial ingredients that brings the entire family together. With family roots from Italy, the Wild Mike’s dream started in 1967 when grocery store owner and meat cutter, Ron Piazza, decided to make fresh pizza from his store. His zesty, homemade pizza sauce and the consistent quality of the pizza quickly became a customer favorite and popularity grew fast. As a result, Ron Piazza started having his meat salesmen sell the pizzas on their routes. Now second-generation pizza maker Steve Piazza continues this tradition with the Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza brand which is carried in local groceries stores nationwide.

Wild Mikes Super Sized Pizza Set

So why is Wild Mike’s the ULTIMATE pizza? Because we’re all about No Artificial Anything but Wild About Flavor when it comes to creating our pizza pies. Every pie boasts of a rich blend of Italian cheeses including Mozzarella, Provolone, Romano and Parmigiano-Reggiano which is imported from Italy and shredded in-house. Our homemade, zesty sauce provides another dimension to our pizzas and wave after wave of flavor with each bite. As the star of the finishing act, our beautifully constructed, butterflake crust showcases pillowy pockets of buttery dough which is made from scratch daily.

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, Wild Mike’s believes in ‘Bringing the Quality, Flavor and Convenience of the Pizzeria to Your Table’. What better thing then to have one less decision you have to make at the end of the day. Regardless of if you’re feeding the team or flying solo, we have you covered. Our pies come in a 14-inch Super-Sized and 9-inch Fun Size. Just don’t forget to customize your pizza with the Italian Seasoning and Red Pepper packets that come in every box of Wild Mike’s pizza!

Satisfy your hunger the Wild Mike’s way. Pick up your Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza at a store near you.

Super-Sized Uncured Pepperoni: Our 14”, Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza is a legendary feast for kings. This delicious classic steps it up with our uncured pepperoni and signature sauce that will be the new family favorite.

Super-Sized Supreme: Everything you love about a pizzeria-style pie is in our Wild Mike’s Ultimate Supreme Pizza. Loaded with all the greatest hits like our premium green and red peppers, onions, black olives and paired with the bolder notes of our uncured pepperoni and Italian sausage.

Super-Sized Combination: The quest ends here with our Wild Mike’s Ultimate Combination pizza. Our savory, choice sausage and uncured pepperoni stimulates an intense burst of meat lover heaven. This will not leave you empty inside.

Super-Sized 4 Cheese: Simple yet will rocket your taste buds to cheese paradise. Our Wild Mike’s Ultimate 4 Cheese Pizza is a heavenly blend of Mozzarella, Provolone and Romano, paired with a rich Parmigiano Reggiano that we import from Italy to give you a true Italian experience. It has taken a fame all of its own.

Check out more of our products like our Fun Size on our official website and find out where to buy us.

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About Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza:

The Piazza family began making pizzas in 1967 when grocery store owner and meat cutter, Ron Piazza, decided to make fresh pizza from his store. The zesty, homemade pizza sauce and consistent quality of their pizzas quickly became a customer favorite and popularity grew fast. Now second-generation pizza maker and CEO, Steve Piazza, continues to carry on this tradition for high-quality pizzas that are sold in grocery stores nationwide. S.A. Piazza & Associates, LLC’s state-of-the-art production facility is proudly located in the Pacific Northwest. Find even more at and follow us and our pizza rebels on Facebook and Instagram.

S.A Piazza & Associates, LLC is a member of the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association.