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  • Bulk Up – Instead of making multiple, small trips to the grocery store during the week, make one large weekly or bi-weekly trip. Purchase food in bulk quantities.
  • Plan Ahead – Before you head out to the grocery store, plan out your meals for the next week (or two weeks) and make a list to prevent the need to go back to the store for forgotten items.
  • Say No to Paper or Plastic – Bring your own reusable bags for groceries instead of using disposable paper or plastic bags. Most reusable bags are also sturdier and less likely to burst open, preventing wasted food. If you forget your bags, always choose paper bags over plastic. If you must choose plastic bags, be sure to return them to the store to be recycled.
  • Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging – Buy foods sold in recycled packaging. Be sure to look for the green recycled symbol on the package.
  • Avoid Individually Packaged Items – While many of us enjoy the convenience, avoid buying individually packaged items when possible.