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How often does Easy Home Meals run a Giveaway?

We run sweepstakes in March, June and July to support our March Frozen Food Month, June Dairy Month and Ice Cream & Novelties promotions. We may also have giveaways at other times during the year. Please check back frequently.

Are there any fun activities for adults and children?

Check out the Family Fun section for downloadable activities and games.

Why should I use frozen foods? Isn't fresh better?

See why Frozen Foods are the Nutritious Choice. You can find this article and many other safety and storage tips in the Tips section.

Who owns the Easy Home Meals website? is the property of the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association. It is brought to you with financial assistance from our generous Sponsors.

How do I sign up to receive your Cool Bites e-Newsletter?

To receive timely recipes and tips right in your inbox, sign up at the bottom of the Homepage.