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Are frozen foods healthy?

It’s a common misconception that frozen foods are bad for you or inferior to fresh foods. In fact, frozen foods often contain more nutrients than fresh ones! That’s because commercial quick-freezing processes preserve the nutritional value, freshness, flavor and color of foods. For example, frozen produce is harvested at the height of ripeness and nutritive value and immediately frozen to preserve these nutrients.

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How do I store frozen food?

Once you bring your groceries home from the supermarket, make sure to put your frozen foods in the freezer right away! Frozen foods need to be stored at 0°F or lower to retain vitamins and other nutrients.

Can frozen food go bad?

If kept at the appropriate temperature (0°F), your frozen food is unlikely to go bad. However, it might slowly begin to lose its quality and taste. Make sure to check the “best by” date on your food packaging and use the product within that window for optimal taste and nutrition.

How do I cook frozen food?

When it comes to cooking frozen food, you have a lot of options. Many frozen foods can be microwaved, cooked in the oven or on the stovetop, and even prepared in an air fryer or slow cooker. Check your product packaging for cooking instructions and methods.

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Do I need to cook frozen food?

Most frozen foods, including meat and vegetables, need to be cooked before eating. However, some products, like frozen fruit, can be consumed raw.

If you’re unsure of whether your product needs to be cooked, check the package cooking instructions. These will explain exactly how to prepare your food to make sure it’s safe to eat.

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