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Recipe Ingredients

  • 2 medium bell peppers (about 1 lb.)
  • 1 bag (10 oz.) Del Monte® Veggieful® Riced Cauliflower Southwest
  • 3/4 cup shredded Pepper Jack or Mexican Blend cheese

Topping Options

  • Sour cream, jalapeño, green onion, cilantro

Recipe Directions

  1. Halve the peppers lengthwise from the stem end to the base. Scoop out the seeds but leave the stem on if possible. Place in a microwave-safe pie plate. Cover with paper towels and microwave on HIGH 4 minutes or until softened (see Tips). If inside of the peppers has accumulated water, dab dry.
  2. Massage the bag of frozen riced vegetables gently to break up clusters. Empty the bag into a bowl and break up further using a wooden spoon if necessary. Mix in 1/2 cup of the cheese. Fill the peppers and top with remaining 1/4 cup cheese.
  3. Cover with a paper towel. Microwave on HIGH 6 minutes or until the cheese has melted and the center of the filling is hot (165°F or higher).
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Test Kitchen Tips: 

  • Cook times tested with 1100 watt microwaves. Since microwaves vary, adjust times as needed.
  • Use a colorful mix of bell peppers, such as yellow, orange and green. Green bell peppers tend to be firmer than other colors and may require an extra minute in the microwave before filling.

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