Indulge in Light Ice Cream Without the Guilt

July 19, 2018

The light ice cream trend is all the rage this summer, especially during July, which is National Ice Cream Month! With so many options like traditional and classic flavors to new concoctions, there’s a variety out there for every palette. Dairy-free and gluten-free ice cream options are also becoming more plentiful to meet the needs of every diet out there!

“Light” ice cream usually has fewer calories than standard ice cream, but different brands have different definitions and ingredients used. The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) provides these Labeling Definitions to help sort through the different names[1]:

-Ice cream is a frozen food made from a mixture of dairy products, containing at least 10 percent milkfat.
-“Reduced fat” ice cream contains at least 25 percent less total fat than the referenced product (either an average of leading brands, or the company’s own brand).
-“Light” or “lite” ice cream contains at least 50 percent less total fat or 33 percent fewer calories than the referenced product (the average of leading regional or national brands).
-“Lowfat” ice cream contains a maximum of 3 grams of total fat per serving (½ cup).
-“Nonfat” ice cream contains less than 0.5 grams of total fat per serving.

We’ve chosen some of the most unique flavors and innovations from popular light ice cream brands to share with you!

Enlightened with 27 pint varieties, you’ll love their unique flavors, including:

  • Movie Night – enjoy a movie night with popcorn ice cream with chocolate bits and a caramel swirl.
  • Glazed Donut – that’s right! This donut-flavored ice cream comes complete with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles.
  • French Toast – love breakfast for dinner? How about breakfast for dessert!

Halo Top – each of their 25 flavors only contain 280-360 calories per pint.

  • Halo Top Oatmeal Cookie Ice CreamLemon Cake – this sweet and citrusy ice cream is so creamy and dreamy!
  • Oatmeal Cookie – just like mom made them, you’ll love this “fresh out of the oven” flavor.
  • Pistachio – you won’t be disappointed with this nutty favorite!

Breyers Delightsenjoy these classic flavors without the guilt:

  • Cookies & Cream – real cookie chunks in every bite will have you coming back for seconds!
  • Creamy Chocolate – rich cocoa will make it hard to put the spoon down!
  • Vanilla Bean – a creamy classic made with real vanilla beans.

Chilly Cow – Have you ever seen a half pint before now!? These convenient cool half pints and bars come in seven delectable flavors like:

Ben & Jerry’s – You heard correctly – Ben & Jerry’s has introduced Moo-Phoria! light ice cream in three flavors:

  • PB Dough – “gobs” of chocolate chip peanut butter accompany rich chocolate ice cream.
  • Caramel Cookie Fix – vanilla salted caramel swirl ice cream mixed with crunchy shortbread cookies.
  • Chocolate Milk & Cookies – chocolate and vanilla swirled together with chocolate chip cookies.

Arctic Zeroenjoy their light ice cream in seven flavors, including:

  • Toffee Crunch – filled with toffee chunks and creamy caramel swirls.
  • Cake Batter Bars – yellow cake batter ice cream dipped in a red velvet coating.
  • Hint of Mint – rich, lactose and fat free chocolate ice cream with just a splash of mint!

Swell Ice Creamthis next wave of ice cream comes in 10 flavors, including:

Coconut Bliss – this coconut milk-based ice cream brand comes in scoop-able and novelties, like:


So Delicious Dairy Free offers cashewmilk, coconutmilk, almondmilk and soymilk ice cream and novelties in flavors like:

  • Peachy Maple Pecan – peaches, pecans and maple syrup blended with cashewmilk is a perfect summer dessert.
  • Toasted Coconut Key Lime – swirled together with coconutmilk, toasted coconut and key lime flavors blend together in this tropical treat.
  • Vanilla Sandwiches – did you know ice cream sandwiches made with soymilk were a thing?!


What are your favorite light ice cream flavors or treats to enjoy? Share with us on social media @EasyHomeMeals!



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