#FrozenChefMadness Winners Create Frozen Food Masterpieces

April 1, 2014

All 4 of the #FinalFare entries in the #FrozenChefMadness competition were slam dunks! After a close competition and going into over-time, we have selected our top #FrozenChefMadness masterpieces…

– The Grand Prize winner of the #FrozenChefMadness Challenge 2014 (and winner of the $800 gift card) is Beau Coffron from Lunchbox Dad for his “Buzzer Beater Bacon Buffalo Wraps!

Buzzer Beater Buffalo Bacon Wraps

2nd place and a gift card of $250 went to Amy Schwarzott for her “Angry Buffalo Chicken On the Court!

Angry Buffalo Chicken on the Court

3rd place and a gift card of $150 went to Debbie Reid for her “Three Point Wraps!

Three Point Wraps

4th place and a gift card of $100 went to another Life of Dad ambassador, Chris Nichols from Rated 4 and Up for his “Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sammies with Potato Puffs!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sammies with Potato Puffs


Congratulations to Grand Prize winner, Beau and all of the winners!

We absolutely loved this challenge and working with the Life of Dad blogger community! Thanks again to all of the participants for showing first-hand how creative you can get using frozen food, especially when it comes to game-day snacks and appetizers. We look forward to working with Life of Dad in the future… Keep your eyes peeled for #FrozenChefMadness 2015!

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