Classic Holiday Pairings: Films & Food

December 12, 2014

Holiday movies are in full swing. These days you can’t turn on the TV without flipping the channels and landing on a holiday film. Everyone has their all-time favorite movie to watch this time of year; from classic, Christmas stories to new-age holiday comedies, all movies this time of year are full of cheer, laughter, spirit and celebrations. One similarity throughout is the familial food scene. Whether the cast is simply eating a family meal together or an elf is creating a crazy concoction with non-traditional holiday foods, the culinary scenes are some of the best!

It’s hard to narrow down our favorite holiday films, so instead we’ve gathered some of the best with food scenes that should be paired with a great party food dish[1]:

  • BreakfastHashThe Grinch Who Stole Christmas: During the Who Feast, the Grinch stole the last can of Who Hash, but no worries because we’ve got a Breakfast Hash recipe that is simple to make (thanks to refrigerated, pre-shredded hash browns) and perfect for a morning breakfast or brunch during your holiday break.
  • Elf: Buddy the elf tries to impress his newfound family by serving a meal that aligns with his four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. For a new twist, syrup is added to a big bowl of spaghetti, but since this is a recipe only elves seem to like, try Creamy Spaghetti and Meatballs (hold the syrup)!
  • Mini Macaroon CakesWhite Christmas: After strolling down memory lane, I’m sure you will be hungry. So, make a batch of Mini Macaroon Cakes that are magically delicious and look just like snow!
  • Home Alone: Two dreams that Kevin McAllister wishes for are a cheese pizza all to himself and for his family to disappear on Christmas; both c true, but instead of vanishing your family this year, make a Quick n’ Easy 5-Cheese Pizza that will surely make them want to stay!
  • Ethel's EggnogChristmas Vacation: Clark Griswold enjoys a glass of egg nog in a moose mug with his cousin Eddie during dinner, so why not join in on the festivities and pass around mugs of Ethel’s Eggnog that can pass as dessert with a dollop of whipped topping.
  • The Santa Clause: When Tim Allen’s character transforms into Santa Clause, one temptation he cannot resist are the cookies left behind by all the children on Christmas Eve. You can do the same with your children, and why not make it easier with frozen chocolate chip cookie dough—especially since you can portion out as much as you would like to bake.
  • Best Ever Hot ChocolatePolar Express: On the train, waiters were dancing in the aisles, all because of the indulgent chocolate drinks that were passed around. While watching this movie, serve your Best Ever Hot Chocolate that easily turns into an adult beverage with some liqueur or a kid-friendly treat with luxurious dark or bittersweet chocolate and milk.

What’s your go-to holiday movie? If it’s not included on our list, let us know in the comments and what dish you would serve during the viewing.



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