Celebrate Frozen Food Day!

March 6, 2016

March just so happens to be National Frozen Food Month, but on March 6, it is also Frozen Food Day. In 1984 the President Ronald Reagan noted the American frozen food industry was celebrating its 54th year of service and dedicated an entire day to its accomplishments, that’s over 85 years of frozen[1]!

To continue celebrating frozen foods, we wanted to take a moment this year to praise some of our frozen members that are doing cutting-edge things in the freezer aisle. From innovative packaging to new product launches and everything in between, this grocery aisle is ever-evolving and ever-expanding.

We’ve proud to support the widely varying and impressive initiatives of our members. Check out a few of their noteworthy accomplishments below!

Alyssa MilanoATKINS[2]

  • New Spokesperson
  • Alyssa Milano, working mom who is committed to leading a healthier lifestyle
  • Reveals her success on Atkins in reaching her happy weight through a series of three television advertising spots, which is shifting the weight-loss conversation to help consumers look and feel their best through a sustainable low-carb lifestyle


  • On-Trend Product LaunchDole Fruit and Veggie
    • Fruit & Veggie Blends[3] take the guesswork out of making a truly delicious and nutritious fruit and veggie smoothie
    • Each blend is a mixture of all-natural fruits and vegetables, combined to deliver the wholesome nutrition and great taste that consumers crave
    • New flavors, including: Orange Medley, Mango Carrot and Fruit ‘n Greens


  • “Cuisine with a Purpose”[4]Lean Cuisine Marketplace
    • Putting culinary adventure on your plates, bringing the best flavors from every corner of the world
  • Marketplace Product Line[5]
    • New flavors such as: Fiesta Grilled Chicken, Butternut Squash Ravioli and Sweet Sriracha Braised Beef
  • #WeighThisDietFilter[6]
    • Changing the “diet” conversation


  • Innovative Packaging[7]:

    • 100% recycled paperboard with a minimum of 50% post-consumer wasteLuvo
    • Printed with soy or waterless inks
    • Steamazing pouch and patented technology cooks your meal, locking in flavors and heating evenly
  • Delta Airlines Partnership[8]:
    • Luvo meals are available on national flights longer than three hours, with select flights to the Caribbean, Latin America and Hawaii


  • Chef Collective[9]:
    • Partnered with chefs from top restaurants, food trucks, cookbooks and TV shows to scout for emerging ingredients, cooking methods and global cuisines
    • Chefs participated in a Taste Tour, which is a chef-led market and dining tour that immerses the chefs in a local and regional food scene

Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast NuggetsTYSON

  • Introducing Better-for-You products[10]:
    • New products such as: Gluten-free, multi-grain breaded, grilled and ready, 100% whole-grain breaded and lightly breaded


Have you seen any interesting (and positive) frozen news lately? If so, share the article in the comments below. Happy Frozen Food Day! 😀

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