Stir Up Nostalgic Memories with Food

April 4, 2016

Do you remember the smell of your kitchen when your mom made your favorite after-school snack? Or when dad was heating up the grill for a backyard BBQ? Or when you arrived at the amusement park and breathed in the aromas of corn dogs and funnel cakes?

Think back to some of your fondest childhood memories, and we’re pretty sure you’ll think of food. Enjoying these old favorites is called nostalgic eating. Researchers find when we associate foods with happy memories, the effects are profound, impacting how well we think the food tastes and how good it makes us feel[1]. Now we know (at least one of the reasons) why pizza and cupcakes taste so delicious!

Below we’ve described some of the foods that stir up nostalgic memories for us, transporting us right back to childhood. These days, we like bringing them back to life in a creative, new way and think you might enjoy it too. See below for some of the imaginative recipes that take childhood favorite products and nostalgic eating to the next level[2]!PB&J

  • Whether you like the crust on or off, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will never go out of style. Enjoy these mini waffle PB&J’s!
  • Mornings were always a lot brighter with toaster pastries, piping hot and filled with fruity flavors. Try these Mini Fruit Pockets.
  • Chocolate Creamy Surprise CupcakesRemember those iconic chocolate cream-filled cupcakes? Great for entertaining or as a sweet after-school snack. Try Chocolate Creamy Surprise Cupcakes.
  • One of the best treats for a weekend sleepover or school day snack most definitely was rice krispie treats. Krispy CakeNow, make them homemade with fun flavor twists. Make an entire Krispy Cake with M&Ms! 
  • Don’t stray from your old favorite baked goods, especially oatmeal cream pies that are just the right amount of soft and gooey. Try Oatmeal-Apple Cream Pies.
  • Mac and cheese made an enviable school lunch, packed away in a warm thermos. Sargento Truffle Mac and CheeseThese days, the cheesy goodness makes for a quality and delicious family dinner. Try Truffle Mac & Cheese.


What food or product makes you nostalgic for the past? Share with us in the comments below 🙂


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