Shop Smart with Frozen Foods to Reduce Food Waste

October 16, 2014

Did you know 50 million people go hungry every year, yet America is able to produce enough food to feed 500 million people![1] Food waste is a growing issue and we want to help consumers understand how to make a difference and help decrease the 165 billion dollars’ worth of food that goes to waste every year in America.[1]

World Food Day logoThis year, help fight against hunger by participating in World Food Day on October 16. World Food Day is an annual day of action that takes place across the globe with communities participating in events, public awareness campaigns and food drives all in hopes of eradicating hunger in our lifetime.[1] This year, the annual theme is “Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth” focuses on the 98 percent of American-run farms—from fruit, vegetable, grain, orchards, livestock ranches and fisheries that are keeping the food ecosystem alive.[2]

NFRA is proud to have various members that contribute to these efforts of ending hunger and reducing food waste. From farms that grow produce and potatoes to fisheries that catch fish across the U.S., here are just some of the companies that are bringing sustainability, freshness and quality ingredients to America’s grocery stores:

  • Grilled vegetablesGreen Giant:[3] U.S.-grown packed out of Minnesota and the Pacific Northwest, sweet corn is harvested, husked, washed, blanched, inspected then frozen at the peak of ripeness to then be packaged and sent across the U.S. into grocery freezers. By taking extra care in the harvesting process and freezing at the right moment, Green Giant is leaving nothing to waste and providing high-quality produce to American shoppers.
  • Birds Eye[4]: “Master gardeners” prepare and plant seed varieties proven to yield high-quality crops that are checked daily, delivered within hours and flash-frozen to lock in nutrients, taste and texture. With the gardeners planting each seed and tending to the crops in special ways, Birds Eye produces fresh-to-freezer vegetables that all can enjoy!
  • FriesOre-Ida:[5] Potatoes that are nice and white on the inside and just the right size and shape on the outside with 100% fresh American potatoes (no outsourcing needed!) most of which come from Oregon and Idaho, the heart of potato country. Get it, Ore-Ida? These golden fries are cut and crinkled to our standards, while making sure the seasoning is the perfect flavor.
  • SeaPak:[6] Seafood industry leader and the country’s #1 selling retail shrimp brand adheres to strict sourcing and sustainability practices which can be seen across their product portfolio of sea-to-table varieties like jumbo butterfly shrimp and popcorn shrimp.
  • SalmonBurgerGorton’s:[7] Partnering with suppliers who have a passion for bringing the freshest seafood to consumers with an emphasis on protecting the world’s marine resources, habitats and ecosystems.  Gorton’s takes their seafood seriously and is dedicated to preserving the health of the environment while catering to consumer’s culinary cravings.

For some additional information on food waste here are some tips that can help save time and money[8]:

  • Shop wisely, meal plan and only purchase what you will be able to eat within a certain time period.
  • Embrace the “ugly” produce in the supermarket and always have a stocked freezer with fruits and vegetables that are always fresh and never go to waste.
  • Learn how to properly read and understand expiration dates— here is a lowdown on the differences between sell by, use by and best if used by dates.
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of your fridge and freezer regarding specific food ingredients and their appropriate life span for staying cool with this food time chart.
  • Always take leftovers home from the restaurant and promptly place in the fridge and eat shortly after.

Now that you’re a bit more up to speed on where the U.S. stands on food waste and hunger, how will you contribute to the cause— buying more frozen foods, purchasing less at a time during each grocery visit, reading up on your favorite food brands and their initiatives?









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