Salute to the Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

April 11, 2018

Not only is April National Grilled Cheese Month, tomorrow is also National Grilled Cheese Day! Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese (or toasted cheese as it used to be called) sandwich? Melty cheese and crisp, buttery toast – it’s heavenly! Did you know the grilled cheese started out as an open-faced sandwich with shredded cheese during the 1920s? Sliced bread and processed cheese made its way onto the food scene around this time and these ingredients were affordable during the Great Depression, making it a quite popular sandwich[1]. They were also frequently served to sailors in the Navy during World War II because of its simple ingredients and process to make[2]. Kraft Singles were introduced in 1949, which was a game changer for grilled cheese. By the 1960s, supermarkets started regularly carrying wrapped cheese, and the second slice of bread was added to make a more filling sandwich[3].

So why is grilled cheese often associated with tomato soup? It’s believed that in order to meet the government’s specific nutritional requirements for school lunches, cafeterias paired the simple sandwich with canned tomato soup for an easy meal[2]. Well, we’re certainly glad they made that choice! Today, grilled cheese is so trendy, there are even restaurants dedicated solely to creating rich and unique grilled cheese sandwiches.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with these classic grilled cheese recipes:

All month long, be innovative in your own kitchen with these amazing add-ins:


Make it a hearty meal with with these meat-packed grilled cheese sandwiches:

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