Mad About Tater Tots for National Tater Day!

March 31, 2015

While March 31 marks the end of Frozen Food Month, it also marks the celebration of National Tater Day! We haven’t run into many people that don’t like tater tots. In fact, more than 3.6 billion tater tots are consumed every year[1] with 70 million pounds being consumed in America alone[2]. That’s a lot of tots!

So where did these delicious, golden-brown potato puffs come from? The tater tot was invented by Ore-Ida’s founders in 1953 when the two men—F. Nephi Grigg and Golden Grigg—tried to come up with a way to use leftover slivers of potatoes[3]

The tater tot actually did not have a name when it was first produced. Ore-Ida actually held a contest for its employees to come up with a name for these potatoes. A young mother, Clora Lay Orton came up with the name “tater tots” and obviously won the contest[2] …And so the tater tot was born!

Tater tots literally mean “baby potatoes” – tater for potato and tots meaning little one. While tater tots continue to gain popularity, back then people did not buy them at first because there was no perceived value. When the price was raised, people began buying tots[2].

In honor of this beloved snack, we wanted to share some of our favorite tater tot products and dishes for every meal occasion.

  • There’s nothing better than being original and that is what you get eating Ore-Ida Tater Tots! The original tater tots are sure to please crowds of all ages.
  • Looking for a sweet twist on tater tots? You can’t go wrong with Crispy Sweet Potato Puffs from Alexia Foods. With a crispy outside and a soft inside, the sweet goodness is irresistible!
  • If sweet flavor isn’t your thing, these Crispy Seasoned Potato Puffs with Roasted Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper are sure to do the trick! It’s all the deliciousness of a loaded baked potato packed into bite size tater tots!


  • Try a creamy and sugary dip to go along with your sweet potato puffs, like this Maple Yogurt Dip!Loaded Tater Tots
  • Totchos: Loaded takes the tastiness of a loaded baked potato and uses tater tots as the main ingredient. Mmmm…delicious!
  • You’ll love dunking your classic tots into this Chili Con Queso Dip!


  • Totchos: Breakfast recipe is a blend of sausage, bacon and cheeses piled on top of a mound of tater tots, perfect for fueling your day!

Tater Tots Potato Crab Melt

  • Bring tastes of the sea to the table with this recipe for Tater Tots Potato Crab Melt. A delightful mix of crab meat and tater tots makes this recipe quite the catch!
  • Satisfy any large appetite with this recipe for Two Boys Casserole–a meaty dish topped with your favorite crispy tater tots!
    Tater Tot Pot Roast
  • A hearty meal the entire family will enjoy! Combined flavors of beef, gravy and vegetables make this Totchos: Pot Roast recipe a great weeknight meal.


In closing, since we just can’t resist…

Happy Tater Tots Day!



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