Let’s Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Frozen Food Favorites!

March 12, 2018

Not only is March Frozen Food Month, it’s also National Nutrition Month! What better way to celebrate than to explore all that the frozen food aisles have to offer? New products and frozen food aisle favorites leave plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Whether you’re searching for a healthy snack or less indulgent dessert, there are so many nutritional products and recipes to enjoy! Frozen dinners have come a long way since their introduction – today you’ll find foods from a great variety of ethnicities as well as innovative products you’ve only dreamed of.

Visit your local grocery store and see if you can find these nutritional choices:

Vegetables – frozen veggies are picked at the peak of ripeness – which means the nutrients are locked in

  • Birds Eye Ranch CauliflowerSpiraled veggies are all the rage – use them as sides dishes, in place of pasta or as a tasty salad. Green Giant offers Veggie Spirals in Butternut Squash, Beets, Zucchini and Carrot and contain 65 percent to 90 percent fewer calories per cup than the leading brand of cooked spaghetti!
  • Farm Snacks come in a convenient steam-able container, so you can snack on delicious cooked veggies in no time!
  • If you’re looking for a fun spin on classic vegetable sides, check out Steamfresh Flavor Full Ranch Cauliflower or Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Brussels Sprouts.
  • Adding cooked chicken or steak to ready-to-go veggie blends like Cascadian Farm’s Chinese Style Stirfry Blend make a complete dinner just a few minutes away!


Fruits – say goodbye to fruit that spoils before you’ve even been able to enjoy it and instead stock up on the variety of fruits in the freezer case:

  • Stock your freezer with Sunkist frozen fruits so that you’re always ready to make an impromptu dessert, smoothie, breakfast or brunch treat!
  • The frozen aisles offer creative blends of your favorite fruits, like this Mango Strawberry Blend.
  • These Fruit & Veggie Blends make making your morning smoothie so effortless! Just measure out your fruit and veggies, add juice and blend!


Meals-for-One – The frozen food section has so much to offer, like wholesome single-serve-meals:

  • Tai Pei Spicy Korean Style Noodles with ChickenSesame Ginger Salmon Bowl features wild-caught Alaskan salmon, snow peas and water chestnuts in a seasame ginger sauce. With only 290 calories, 17g of protein and 540mg of omega 3s, you’re sure to love the nutritional benefits!
  • This Grilled Basil Chicken is full of tender chicken alongside penne pasta and veggies in a light, lemon sauce.
  • Love Chinese takeout? This Spicy Korean Style Noodles with Chicken bowl tastes even better and is ready in five minutes! It has 15g of protein and contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Family Size Meals – It can be tricky feeding a whole family with a nutritional dinner full of veggies. Let these frozen products come to the rescue:

  • InnovAsian Cuisine Beef and BroccoliFrom your pan to the table in just minutes, Voila! Balsamic Glazed Chicken is a family hit everyone will love. And you’ll love that a serving contains only 150 calories, 1g of fat and 8g of protein!
  • Have an Asian-inspired dinner and make Beef & Broccoli with only 200 calories per serving, paired with color and preservative free Vegetable Potstickers!
  • Whether for a large or small family, you can enjoy Italian for dinner with Eggplant Parmigiana and feel comforted knowing it only contains 230-250 calories per serving and has no preservatives!


Frozen Desserts – Satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt:

  • Dole Dark Chocolate Banana DippersIf you’re wanting something sweet that can be eaten on-the-go, unwrap a Vanilla Sandwich made with coconut milk and containing only 90 calories.
  • Fulfill your chocolate craving with a pack of Dark Chocolate Banana Dippers that’s only 100 calories and has 25% of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake!
  • Eating nutritional doesn’t mean you have to cut out the ice cream completely. Indulge in Birthday Cake Ice Cream that contains only 70 calories per serving, 2g of fat and 6g of protein!


What other frozen foods pack a nutritional punch?

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