Fun and Frightful Halloween Treats

October 31, 2014

From witches, goblins, ghosts and vampires, Halloween is the time of year when trick-or-treating and walking around in costume is perfectly acceptable. The costume creations are endless, but, another way to get in the holiday spirit is to decorate your food, just like you embellish yourself in costume! Since families, children, teenagers and even adults enjoy dressing up and attending parties or gathering candy throughout the neighborhood, another activity to throw into the mix is an all-out themed Halloween bash! From decorative spider webs, carved pumpkins and skeleton bones, parties aren’t truly a party without festive food.

Here are some interesting food facts about Halloween that prove many Americans jump at the chance to indulge in their major sweet tooth[1]:

  • More than 35 million pounds of candy corn are sold annually— this is 9 billion pieces or enough to circle the moon nearly 21 times!
  • The average American consumes 24 pounds of candy each year— equal to the weight of 2,366 Hershey Kisses!
  • 90 percent of parents admit to sneaking candy from their kid’s Halloween goodies.

To help inspire and prep for what’s bound to be a SPOOK-TACULAR soiree, here are the cutest, tastiest and creepiest sweet and savory foods to serve.

  • For the adults and prior to trick-or-treating and sweets overload, here are a few savory options worthy of an entertaining entrée:Kraft Mummy Spinach Dip
    • Serve an appetizer, like Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip with a mixture of cheese, sour cream and spinach that is just as adorable as it is scrumptious!
    • A little bit creepy and a lot of bit yummy, these Pepperoni Halloween Fingers will be the hit of your Halloween party!
    • Halloween Chili PieHalloween Chili Pie is frightfully delicious and filled with ground beef, frozen veggies, beans, cheese and topped with refrigerated pie crust shaped to look like a pumpkin.
    • Once the kids are settled and sorting through their candy after trick-or-treating, pass around sweet treats and dessert bites for family and friends:Sparkling Candy Corn Cookies
      • These Sparkling Candy Corn Cookies will dazzle all your guests and satisfy their sweet tooth’s better than the real thing!
      • Who doesn’t love cake? Instead of making one, why not make many with Mummy Cupcakes that almost look too scary to eat!
      • Ice Cream SpidersMake a creepy, crawly critter come to life in the form of Ice Cream Spiders with frozen waffles, chocolate ice cream, sprinkles and even an assortment of the kid’s collected candy.
      • Vampire's Favorite FloatThe kids will be screaming, but this time for ice cream— put together Vampire’s Favorite Float with vanilla ice cream and sparkling cider or grape juice that is as sweet as it is spooky!



This Halloween, what will be your spookiest and most special treat? Devilish red velvet cupcakes, RIP mud pies or wispy and gooey spider webs? 

Happy Halloween


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