Freshen up Your Meal Plan with Summer Fruits and Veggies Favorites

August 12, 2016

There’s so much to love about summer – warm weather, no school, vacations! Maybe summer fruits and veggies aren’t at the top of your list, but they provide an opportunity to change up your meal plan and incorporate fresh flavors and textures into your dishes. With so many healthy vitamins and nutrients, they’re good for you too!

Kraft Watermelon Jalapeno CrostiniWhile you may be sadly counting down the last days of summer, you still have time to savor those summer flavors. With a few easy assists from the frozen and refrigerated aisles, you can make the most of these seasonal favorites. But even when seasonal produce starts to diminish, frozen fruits and vegetables are preserved at the peak of freshness and available year-round.

Leafy Greens are a fiber power-house along with many other vitamins like A and C and some minerals like folate[1].Fresh Romaine Salad

Tomatoes, the fruit that acts like a vegetable, are high in vitamins A and C and are a good source of potassium[2].

It’s hard to be cooler than a cucumber. Very high in water content, cucumbers have hydrating properties as well as being low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium[3].CreamyCucumber Salad

  • For your next potluck, bring along a Creamy Cucumber Salad that will earn you points as a healthy side dish option.
  • Whether you want to top a salad or beef kabobs or dip your veggies or pita chips, Tzatziki Sauce, a.k.a. cucumber yogurt sauce, will add the perfect tangy zip of flavor.Rosina Mediterranean Tortellini Pasta Salad
  • Full of colorful veggies, this Mediterranean Tortellini Pasta Salad will be the star of your next buffet table.

Beat the heat of summer with delicious and juicy watermelon. It’s low in calories and packs a punch of vitamins C and A[4].


What are your favorite summer fruits and veggies? Tell us how you like to use them in the comments below!


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