Fire up your Taste Buds for International Hot and Spicy Foods Day

January 16, 2018

Once a year, the food world gets red-hot for a day to celebrate International Hot and Spicy Food Day. Celebrations far and wide throw fiestas and gatherings to have cook-offs, costume contests, and spicy food eating competitions[1].

Evidence from archaeologists suggest that people have been consuming spicy foods and recipes for over 6,000 years! Research also suggests that hot and spicy foods can actually aid your health and be good for you through medicinal and antimicrobial purposes. Additionally, certain spices such as oregano, onions, allspice, and garlic kill bacteria in your food and make it safer for you to eat[2]!

Grab your glass of milk today, because research proves that the best way to ease the burning and fiery feeling in your mouth is with a tall glass of milk! To prevent any arm-flailing and additional burning, DO NOT head for the sink as water will do you no good. Water won’t mix with the oils of the spice and only adds to the movement of heat around your mouth.

So, do you know where the famous chili pepper came from? Well, it all leads back to Christopher Columbus when he “discovered” these famous heat capsules upon arrival to the Americas in 1492. After finding these hot tamales (literally), we now know that capsaicin is the chemical inside of these mystery and fiery bulbs that makes them so hot. Capsaicin isn’t found in any other plant and is identifiable down to one part per million[3].

These hot and spicy recipes are everything you’ve wanted and then some:


Stop by the frozen food aisle for these hot and spicy products:


Which flavor kickin’ recipe or product will you try tonight?



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