Fill Your Fridge and Freezer, and Focus on Family

October 11, 2015

The changing leaves and cooling temperatures of the fall season also bring back-to-school and holidays, two occasions that lend themselves to time spent with family around the table. Holiday meals are joyous, memorable affairs, and dinnertime on a school night is just as important. After all, family meals are an integral part of togetherness and well-being. Sitting around the table is important for families, as it’s a unique chance for parents and kids to interact with one another and share, learn and grow.

Dinnertime is an irreplaceable time for parents to set positive examples and impart healthy habits on their children. Since healthful food choices begin at home, parents have the opportunity – whether at a grand holiday meal or a weeknight dinner – to showcase this part of a healthy lifestyle.

In order to keep the focus on family togetherness during busy back-to-school and holiday times, knowing how to navigate the freezer and dairy aisles of the grocery store is key. Frozen and refrigerated dairy foods can help you get a budget-friendly, balanced, home-cooked meal together quickly, allowing you more time with the family and less time in the kitchen. There are many convenient, nutritious, delicious selections that can help – whether it’s a complementing side dish or a complete ready-to-heat-and-eat meal.

Why is a stocked freezer so valuable?

  1. Frozen foods are economical and avoid costly food waste, as every bit of food is edible
  2. Oftentimes, frozen foods cost the same or less than their fresh counterparts
  3. Frozen foods are truly convenient and minimize your time in the kitchen, as most of the cleaning, prep, slicing and chopping is already done
  4. Frozen foods have longer storage time than fresh, offering maximum flexibility in meal planning
  5. Packaging of frozen foods allows for easy portion control

Why is a stocked fridge so valuable?

  1. Dairy products offer convenience and adaptability for culinary inspiration
  2. The creative possibilities are endless, as dairy aisle products can be used in new and versatile ways
  3. Many dairy products are portioned for single-serve, providing easy, grab-and-go meals or snack choices
  4. The dairy aisle capitalizes on flavor trends, making your own fridge the door to a wide range of flavors
  5. The dairy aisle offers a variety of foods beyond the staples (eggs, butter, milk), including other items such as potatoes, juice and biscuit and cookie dough

On your way to the store? Keep these wallet-friendly frozen and refrigerated dairy products in mind as the base for quick, easy and satisfying food choices for your family:

How do you stock your fridge and freezer? Let us know in the comments below!


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