Cheesy Celebrations for National Cheese Lover’s Day

January 20, 2015

For those who cannot resist devouring a bowl of cheesy macaroni, nibbling on a fancy wedge or believe it’s unacceptable to have a meal without cheese… it’s time to get cheesy on National Cheese Lover’s Day!

Test your cheese knowledge with these cheesy facts[1]:

  • Cheese is the number one food craving, beating out chocolate/candy.
  • Americans on average consume 33.3 pounds of cheese every year.
  • Mozzarella is the biggest-selling cheese followed by Cheddar.

From unstoppable cravings, to chowing down on cheese at every meal, people around the globe seem to have a hankering for anything that includes cheese. A popular ingredient that can be found in multiple aisles in the grocery store, in every form possible—snacks, meals, desserts and more. And, of course you can count on the dairy aisle to have your staple slices, chunks, sticks and shreds to inspire recipes or for anytime snacking—but the serious cheese addict must also visit the freezer aisle where meals are exploding with cheesy goodness—so what are the new favorites?

Be prepared, for these cheesy concoctions:

  • The classic comfort food, mac & cheese can be ready in minutes with help from Stouffer’s freshly-made pasta with intense cheese flavor.Macaroni and Cheese Soup
    • Use frozen macaroni and cheese to create Macaroni and Cheese Soup that is cheesy-licious and convenient for a weeknight meal.
  • Kids will surely eat their veggies when topped with cheese, so bring-on the Broccoli Cheddar Dip with Pita Bread from Lean Cuisine.
  • Con Queso TwistsSprinkle Sargento shredded Pepper Jack cheese on a frozen pasty puff to make Con Queso Twists, a quick appetizer or side dish.
  • Pizza with a crispy crust in less than 20 minutes—try Freschetta’s 5-Italian Cheese Pizza for an overload of the best cheese varieties.
  • Cheesy Chicken EnchiladasThey say variety is the spice of life. Make Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Bake for a dinner packed with bold Mexican flavors!
  • Who doesn’t love ooey-gooey melted cheese? Make these Cheese-Stuffed Pretzel Buns for a cheesy snack.
    • Cheese Filled Pretzel SticksTo save time, head to the frozen food aisle and pick up a box of SUPERPRETZEL SOFTSTIX soft pretzel sticks filled with melted cheddar cheese!

What’s your favorite cheesy moment? Cheddar on top of a bowl of soup or just a single slice in your deli sandwich? Take your cheese addiction to a new level and explore the freezer aisle to conquer the cravings! Happy Cheese Lover’s Day!



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