Bust Out the Biscuit Bar

June 16, 2015

Getting together with friends and family this summer? Head to the bar – the food bar, that is! Grab your favorite, basic food item (baked potatoes, waffles, tortilla chips, etc.) and create a culinary bar fit to please any foodie. For summertime, since baby showers, brunches and picnics are in full swing, one of the best food bars to create in your own backyard is a BISCUIT BAR. That’s right – we mean those comforting, warm, flaky Sunday morning specialties that can be easily whipped up in a flash, with help from pre-made frozen and refrigerated biscuits.

If you’re thinking, “What’s so special about biscuits,” you’ll love to learn that they are one of the most versatile and customizable foods out there! Wander outside of your typical biscuit lines, and taste-test some of these unique biscuit styles :

  • Buttermilk: A cross between pie crust and puff pastry, these are perfect as a decadent topping for casserole or pot pie
  • Drop: Soft texture makes these a perfect sponge for sausage gravy or strawberry shortcake
  • Cream: These take on the simplest, tried-and-true biscuit formula, flour + baking powder + salt + sugar + heavy cream
  • Angel: With a springy, bread-like bite, these are a great choice for hearty breakfast sandwiches
  • Skillet: Steamy and space-efficient, these are cooked close together in a cast iron skillet on the stovetop

No matter the type of biscuit you decide to use in your bar, remember to stock up on a full range of toppings and filling options. Whether you host a biscuit brunch or sweet biscuit bar, we’ve got some of the best combinations for you to recreate.

Savory Biscuits

  • Options: Chicken tenders, veggies, gravy and taco fixings such as ground beef, tomatoes, shredded cheese, lettuce and avocado.Broccoli and Cheese Bites
  • Try: Broccoli and Cheese Bites
    • Make these tasty bites ahead of time using refrigerated biscuits—perfect for an anytime snack.
  • Try: Fold-Over Biscuit Pizza
    • Biscuit dough becomes an easy crust for this quick pizza-in-a-pocket!
      Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes
  • Try: Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes
    • No fork is needed for these portable pot pies that are made from frozen biscuits and are great for party mingling.

Brunch Biscuits

  • Options: These can go savory or sweet. Any and all jams, jellies, whipped cream cheese and herb-infused butters, as well as scrambled eggs and bacon strips for breakfast sandwiches.Berry Sauce for Biscuits
  • Try: Slow-Cooker Berry Breakfast Sauce
    • Simply pull a biscuit out of the fridge and stir up a batch of berry sauce for a decadent brunch.
  • Try: Prosciutto and Egg Biscuit Cups
    • Make your brunch extra elegant with these biscuit cups baked in a muffin pan. Feel free to swap the prosciutto for bacon.Strawberries and Cream Mini Biscuit Trifles
  • Try: Strawberries and Cream Mini Biscuit Trifles
    • Use frozen buttermilk biscuits to make these adorable and oh-so trendy trifles.

Sweet Biscuits

  • Options: Ice cream varieties, sprinkles, whipped cream, fruit toppings/sauces and chocolate.Lemon Blueberry Monkey Bread
  • Try: Lemon Blueberry Monkey Bread
    • Whether for breakfast or dessert, this fruity take on monkey bread will be a crowd favorite!
  • Try: Easy Peach Shortcakes
    • Make one delectable dessert with whipped cream or ice cream—you can also swap out the peaches for another favorite fruit such as raspberries or even pomegranates.Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs
  • Try: Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs
    • Turn the classic dessert into a fun and unique sweet treat with the addition of kabob sticks and mini biscuits.

How will you deck out your biscuit bar? Sweet fruit glazes, ham & cheese, sausage gravy or classic jam?


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