Be a Theme Player and Throw a Fabulous Party That Won’t be Forgotten

May 15, 2014

Don’t let the pressures of hosting a party discourage you from entertaining- it’s your time to host a themed party! More than 27 percent of people readily admitted that they are most stressed when preparing meals for a dinner party, according to a recent NFRA survey[1]. With a few simple steps, any party can come together in a cinch, just follow along as we provide tips and tricks for how to throw the party of the century!

1. Choose a party theme – Pick an entertaining theme to set the tone for any celebration that will be fun to plan and attend for both you and the guests.

  • Graduation Celebration
  • Memorial Day Gathering
  • Game Night Cook-Out
  • Champagne Brunch

2. Pair your theme with a menu and presentation – Develop complementary recipes and be sure to have some ready-to-serve options to leave room for you (the host) to socialize with guests. No worries we have helped map out some ideas further below!

  • Serve appetizers and small bites on attractive platters with colorful designs that coincide with your theme; pair the dish with patriotic colors for Memorial Day or a pastel-palette for brunch.Patriotic Picnic
  • Garnish serving ware with a touch of freshness such as flowers or herbs. If you are outside for a cook-out, you could even borrow from the garden!
  • Crank up the color dial! Decorate the table with school colors of the recent graduate’s soon-to-be new stomping grounds.
  • Without interfering with the wonderful food aromas, place unscented candles on every table for a bit of ambiance.

3. Amp up the atmosphere – Now that the hard stuff is out of the way, don’t forget the most important detail; make sure every guest feels comfortable and connected.

  • Choose how to serve food: buffet-style at an outdoors gathering for a laidback feel or a more formal sit-down meal at a special brunch.
  • Consider offering a party favor! Not just for kids anymore, mini gifts or decorative details are great ice-breakers to get the party started.
  • Set the mood with music. Create a themed-playlist for the party or ask guests to bring some of their favorite tunes to share with the crowd.

Now that you have taken the initial step and decided on a theme, it is time to create a matching menu. To get you started, we have put together sample menus to encourage the planning of an upcoming party and inspire your culinary creations.

Graduation Celebration.

  • Any celebration calls for a dish that is loved by many. Serve a Puff Pastry Vegetable Pizza that is sure to please the recent graduate!Creamy Ranch Dip
  • Build a chip and dip (or veggies) station with Creamy Ranch Dip that is always a winner and a healthier option to recreate for the long nights studying when away at school. Or save time by picking up Buttermilk Ranch Dip from the dairy aisle!
  • This Caramelized Plum Tart is out of this world and looks even better with its golden crust and deep purple hue. Pair with vanilla ice cream for a complete dessert treat.

Memorial Day Gathering- A Patriotic Party!

  • Pass around bite-size Sriracha Palmiers and Citrus Salmon Lollipuffs to kick-off the summer season deliciously.Vegetable Pasta Salad
  • Family and friends will devour Vegetable Pasta Salad after nibbling on appetizers. Don’t forget to hand out Texas Toast with a hint of garlic and cheese, because pasta is not a meal without a slice of toasty bread.
  • Layers of cake, yogurt and fruit make this Lemon Raspberry Trifle topped with whipped cream perfect for a warm spring night spent on the patio. Add in blueberries to create a classic red, white and blue patriotic dessert.

Game Night Cook-Out.

  • Roll the dice with a twist on a classic pigs in a blanket and pass around Franks Under Wraps for an all-time favorite appetizer.Franks Under Wraps
  • Tropical Teriyaki Kabobs are crucial cook-out menu items because they can be held in one hand while the other continues a competitive round of Gin Rummy.
  • While everyone is caught up in their favorite game, distribute generous slices of Milano Cookie Cake that all ages will enjoy!

Host a Champagne Brunch.

  • Not an early bird? Choose your time wisely and prepare Easy Eggs Benedict in less than 45 minutes, for a restaurant-style breakfast dish to satisfy even the biggest brunch appetite!Tropical Smoothie
  • Apple Cheddar Breakfast Strata is a sweet and savory dish that can be assembled the night before and popped into the oven before guests arrive.
  • The drink of choice to leisurely sip on throughout the meal is a Tropical Smoothie bursting with island-inspired flavors. Serve with a splash of champagne for a refreshingly-fun twist on a mimosa!


With so many options, everyone and anyone can create a themed party. When it is your turn to be host or hostess, which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments below and give us a sneak peek into your menu!


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[1]Survey findings are from a national online omnibus among American adults, men and women, 18+, fielded by Impulse Research in July 2013.


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